What is a Standard Drink?

In the United States, a “standard drink” (also known as an alcoholic drink equivalent) is defined as any drink that contains about 0.6 fluid ounces or 14 grams of pure alcohol. Although the drinks pictured here are different sizes, each contains approximately the same amount of alcohol and counts as one U.S. standard drink or one alcoholic drink equivalent.


What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning happens when there is too much alcohol in the bloodstream that areas of the brain that control basic life support functions—such as breathing, heart rate, and temperature control—begin to shut down.

Alcohol Support Services


Parent/Family Handbook for Talking with College Students About Alcohol

Parent and family support are an essential part of student success throughout their college journey. Alcohol and other drug usage can significantly deter your college student from achieving success and lead to a myriad of negative outcomes during their time in college. Research continually demonstrates the vital role parents and families serve in influencing this behavior in students. With the resource guide below, we offer guidance on how to have those conversations with your student.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Florida's Family Handbook for Talking to College Students about Alcohol. This guide has been made possible through contributions from GatorWell.

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Educate yourself on alcohol. These sites provide risk assessments, information, and tips for quitting or reducing use.