Sexuality is a normal and diverse aspect of the human existence. When approached consciously and safely, sexuality becomes a positive and fulfilling expression in our lives. Sexual health and sexuality encompass more than just sexual behavior. They also refer to body care, reproduction, contraception, pleasure, relationships, communication, decision-making, boundaries, sensuality, sexual orientation and identity.

Being sexually healthy includes: 

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Exploring what sex and sexuality mean to you
  • Engaging in sexual activity when you are ready
  • Creating a positive, respectful and consensual environment

Thinking about having sex? Think about this 

If you're having sex, or thinking about ‘doing it’, here are some tips for practicing safer sex: 


Many sexually transmitted infections, or STIs for short, can be easily diagnosed and treated. If either you or your partner(s) is infected, both/all of you need to receive treatment at the same time to avoid getting re-infected. 

Knowing your STI status is a critical step to stopping STI transmission.  If you know you are infected, you can take steps to protect yourself and your partners. STI awareness and testing are important for both short and long-term health. If you are sexually active, it's important to get tested.