At GatorWell we recognize that sexuality is a normal function of human existence and has the potential to be a powerful and positive force in our lives. Sexuality can be diverse and complicated, and when one is in touch with their sexuality and participates safe practices, it can be a fulfilling expression of the human experience. Explore ideas and strategies for taking charge of your sexual health below.

It’s so much more

Sexual health and sexuality include so much more than just sexual behavior. Sexual health refers to taking care of one’s body and needs as it pertains not only to sexual functioning and practices, but also reproduction, contraception, sexual pleasure and desire, intimate relationships, communication, decision-making, setting boundaries, sensuality, sexual orientation & identity.

Being Healthy Sexually Means

Feeling good about yourself, exploring what sex and sexuality mean to you and engaging in sexual activity when you are ready, with whom (either solo or with another/others) and how you choose, in a positive, respectful and consensual manner.

At GatorWell we offer the following sexual health related services to enrolled students:

If you are engaging in sexual activity, or thinking about ‘doing it’, here are the top five tips for practicing safer sex:

Thinking about having sex? Think about this

  • Know where you stand personally on sex and sexuality.
  • Create your own boundaries and stick to them.
  • Communicate your expectations openly with your partner(s) about sex, including giving and receiving consent.
  • Engage in sober sex.
  • Consistently and correctly use your barrier/contraceptive method of choice.

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about your sexuality…

  • Have I explored my sexual values & beliefs?  If yes, am I following my personal beliefs & values when it comes to sex?
  • Is any one sexual behavior healthy and fulfilling for you and/or a particular person? And, is it safe?
  • Can I talk to my partner(s) about _____?
  • Do I need barrier methods (condoms, etc.) or other STIs/pregnancy protection?  If yes, what type(s)?
  • Does a certain behavior lead to the exploitation of self and/or others?
  • Does sex take place between responsible, consenting individuals?

How GatorWell can Help

Confidential HIV Testing

  • Due to current circumstances, GatorWell will not be offering FREE Confidential HIV testing and counseling. In order to still get students connected with other local HIV testing sites that continue to provide testing, we have listed those sites information below. We hope to be able to provide testing at GatorWell again very soon.

    Learn more about local options

  • At the Student Health Care Center, free and confidential HIV (and other STD/STI) testing is available for a small fee in conjunction with the Alachua County Health Department in a stand-alone clinic for currently registered UF students without symptoms. Call the Red Team at (352)-294-7465 to make an appointment. PLEASE NOTE: Appointments are very limited. HIV testing is also available by appointment in all medical teams for a fee.

Free Condoms, Lubricants & Dental Dams

  • Free condoms, lubricant & dental dams are available at any GatorWell location, including the Health Hut and GatorWell at Jennings and the Springs Complex during regular business hours.  Bulk quantities are also available upon request and are filled based on supply.

Meet with a Health Promotion Specialist

Women’s Clinic at the Student Health Care Clinic:

Gynecological health services are available at the Student Health Care Center’s Women’s Clinic, located in the main UF campus facility (Infirmary building). Prior to your first appointment, one might find it helpful to review any or all of the following:

Other Related Resources @ UF:

Gainesville Community Resources:

General Sexual Health