According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were an estimated 36,400 new HIV infections in the US in 2018. Of those, 21% (7,600) were among youth aged 13-24. Also, almost 45% of youth with HIV in the US do not know their HIV status [, 2022]. If not treated, HIV can lead to a fatal condition known as AIDS.  In order to help UF students know their status and protect themselves and others against this potentially deadly virus, it is important for students to get tested when and if they are at risk.

GatorWell offers FREE Confidential HIV testing and counseling for UF students by appointment, ONLY. This is in person visit includes an oral swab test, called OraSure, where students can get tested painlessly and in about 15 minutes. Results are then available, in person, about 2 weeks later. Students can get tested whenever they feel it best, however, it is important to note that the test is most effective if taken at least 3 months/90 days after possible exposure, to cover the HIV testing “window period.”

UF Students are welcome to call the GatorWell Main Office, at 352-273-4450, or visit the office person in Suite 1100 of the Reitz Union, Level 1 to make an appointment. Students can also request an appointment via the link listed below, anytime and at your convenience.

Other HIV Testing Locations

This information is subject to change. Please contact each site directly for the most current information.

Student Health Care Center: Confidential rapid HIV testing is available by appointment for a nominal fee.
Infirmary Building | 352-294-7465 (Red Team) or 352-392-1161 (General Teams)

SHCC GYT Clinic, where students can receive a $15 STI (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis) and HIV testing panel | 352-294-7582

The Alachua County Health Department: Confidential HIV testing for an optional $20 fee. Rapid testing available (results in 20 minutes). Appointment preferred.

224 SE 24th Street | 352-334-7960

Planned Parenthood: Confidential counseling & testing available by appointment. $70 for rapid test-results in 20 minutes, $85 for blood test-results in 2-3 days
914 NW 13th Street | 352-377-0881