How to Recognize a Spiked Drink

We need your help to stop drink spiking. We strongly encourage you to report suspected drink spiking so we can know the occurrence, location, and timing of such incidents. As a community, we look out for our fellow Gators.

Most spiking substances are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It can also be hard to see if your drink is dark (ex: Coke). The following are some signs and symptoms of drink spiking:

How to Report If You Suspect Drink Spiking

To report suspected drink spiking, use the Gatorsafe app under the "Report a Tip/Form" menu. If you wish to remain anonymous, select the Silent Witness option. To connect with campus resources, the Care Referral Form.

Additional Resources

Get support even if you can't remember exactly what happened. Some substances used in drink spiking can cause short-term memory loss.