Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

ASTP stands for Alcohol Skills Training Program

ASTP is a 90-minute program with the goal of teaching students ways to drink alcohol that minimizes risks to their health and safety. Students will learn the psychology and biology of alcohol use and develop skills on how to count and pour standard drinks, properly measure alcohol consumption, find their personalized “limits”, and discuss how to use risk reduction strategies for a fun and safe night out.

Who can schedule an ASTP?

Any UF student can schedule an ASTP session for their class or organization, as long as there will be at least 5 people in attendance. In order to schedule this session with our office, please click here and fill out the required fields.

Is there a cost for scheduling ASTP?

No, this program is free for any students who are currently paying the UF Student Health Fee.

What are students saying about ASTP?

“My facilitator was very non-judgmental and helped me come up with helpful strategies to avoid drinking too much in the future.           “

“The faciliator did a great job of talking with us and not lecturing us”

“The course setup and openness; used real world examples too”

“I think that the session was informative and incorporated the group to keep people involved.”

“I learned a lot of new facts regarding alcohol consumption that I was no aware of before. I also felt very safe and comfortable in the meeting.”


Please email GatorWell, for any questions you have about ASTP.