BASICS stands for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students.
CASICS stands for Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students.

The program is designed to assist students utilizing a risk-reduction approach and helping them examine their own behavior in a non-judgment environment. Some aspects of the program include helping students identify substance use strategies that work for them and helping them build skills to utilize them in real-life application settings.

Who can use BASICS/CASICS?

BASICS/CASICS is available for all UF students who may want to learn more about their alcohol and drug use. The goal is to reduce alcohol and cannabis use, as well as risky behaviors and negative consequences of alcohol or cannabis use.

While students attend BASICS/CASICS to complete a sanction as a result of an alcohol or cannabis related offense, students can also self-refer themselves at any time if they have concerns about their alcohol or cannabis use. BASICS/CASICS is appropriate for anyone who uses alcohol or cannabis in a high-risk manner, especially if you or someone you know are concerned about your alcohol/ cannabis use.

Are my appointments confidential?

Yes, BASICS/CASICS sessions are private, and the facilitator will not disclose any information from the sessions to other campus officials without first obtaining the student's permission. There is one exception to our privacy standards to note. All of our coaches are mandated Title IX officials, meaning they must report instances of sexual misconduct to the university. For fully confidential services, you can contact the Office of Victim Services or the Counseling and Wellness Center.

What does a session look like?

All BASICS/CASICS sessions are one-on-one between the facilitator and student. Two sessions are required one week apart to complete BASICS/CASICS.

  • Session I take approximately 60 minutes. During this session, students meet their facilitator, are introduced to the program, gather feedback from the student on what they want to accomplish, and complete an online personalized feedback questionnaire.
  • Session II also takes approximately 60 minutes. Students receive a personalized feedback profile that is based on the information obtained from feedback given in the first session. Students review the feedback profile with the facilitator and, if appropriate, identify potential changes that could work to help reduce their risk for developing future alcohol-or cannabis-related problems.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost involved for students to participate.

How do I schedule?

Please click the link below to schedule an appointment.


Please email GatorWell, for any questions you have about BASICS/CASICS.