Give a note, Take a note

Jan 11

11:00 am

With a new semester and year in full gear, “Give a Note, Take a Note” aims to promote positive mindfulness, spirituality and emotional wellness throughout campus. The event’s vision is to be a space where students are encouraged to express their creativity through positive reinforcements around spiritually and intellect while focusing on emotional health for a new semester and year. Materials such as paper, pencils, pens, stickers and other craft tools will be available for students to be as visually creative as possible. For example, students will be encouraged to share positive quotes, hand-drawn photos of artwork representing positive mindfulness or tips and techniques on how to successfully stay focused during the semester. The community component of the event is being as inclusive as possible to the general UF student body because once students are finished with their own individualized creative vision on the topic, they will clip their idea with a clothing pin on a stringed line while choosing another student’s creative idea to keep and reflect on throughout the semester. “Give a Note, Take a Note” mimics the idea of setting a positive example then receiving another positive example on all the excitement a new semester and year brings. All submissions will be anonymous, and students are limited to creating one creative piece and receiving one creative piece in return.

This event is part of The Great Gator Welcome Back and brought to you by the GatorWell Health Promotion Services.

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