Collaborate with GatorWell

Tabling Request

GatorWell is excited to provide health and wellness outreach tabling specific to any health topic we cover, or to market GatorWell services in general, at any University of Florida event. To ensure availability, we recommend requests be submitted at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your desired program date. Submit a request using the request button below!

Presentation Request

In addition to one-on-one services, there are many other ways enrolled students and other UF affiliates can interact with GatorWell. Request a GatorWell staff member to present on a health topic for a student organization, class, or other student event.

To provide the highest quality experience for GatorWell and our requestors, please review the following expectations:

1. GatorWell presentations are only available for persons affiliated with the University of Florida.

2. Requests should be submitted two (2) weeks in advance of your desired program date. Approved request days and times may be adjusted based on GatorWell staff availability.

3. We ask for a minimum of 10 attendees for presentations

  • Resident Advisors are strongly encouraged to team up with other Resident Advisors and their Area Residence Life Government to put on a larger event to increase attendance between floors and halls.
  • Resident Advisors or housing staff who request a presentation will need to provide a sign up list of at least ten students planning to attend the presentation two days before the presentation. If there are not at least ten students planning to attend, we will not be able to come and present to your group.
  • Student Organizations are encouraged to partner with other student organizations or schedule presentations as part of an open business meeting or general body meeting.

Presentation Themes

A list of presentation/workshop themes is included below. Select a theme to view objectives that are often associated with that topic. We encourage you to use these provided objectives to identify the information you would like included in your request. Please note that you are not required to include any of the below objectives - they are provided to assist you in completing your request.