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Summer B classes are starting up and GatorWell wants to provide you with a few strategies on how to achieve academic success.

  • The first step to being academically successful is always making class attendance a priority. You want to be physically and mentally present even if your classes are online so that you can stay on task and not get behind.
  • At the start of each semester, make a calendar to keep track of deadlines, exam dates, and when assignments are due. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep track of deadlines, do not rely on your professor.
  • You will likely be more successful if you develop good study habits. Here are 4 tips.
    1. Understanding your learning style is very important. There are 3 types of learning styles. Auditory, visual, and tactile, but most students need a combination of 2 of these strategies. Check out to take the learning assessment tool and learn different study strategies based on your results.
    2. Make school your day job and do the bulk of your work during the day. Set aside a specific number of hours to study throughout each week. To prevent crisis or cramming, typically 15 hours of work per week beyond class time is needed.
    3. Plan your study time to help you avoid cram sessions and all-nighters, which are counterproductive to making the grade you want.
    4. Find a study spot that works best for you. Study in places that maximize your productivity and concentration, and limits distractions. This might take some exploration with the current situation but aim to at least find a different study space than your bed!
  • The last step in achieving academic success is getting to know your professors! Initiate contact with your professors and advisors. They are the best resource for doing well in class and you may need a letter of recommendation later for a job while in college or after you graduate.

Now that we have discussed strategies on how to achieve academically through college, consider these questions.

  • Where are two great places you can go to study, where you can be most productive?
  • What is the best way for you to keep track of deadlines?
  • This semester, which professors do you think it would be most beneficial for you to introduce yourself to and why?
  • For you to concentrate well, how much silence/noise is best?

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