Health Communication

GatorWell uses data and theory-driven best practices in health promotion and health communication, such as health communication and social marketing campaigns, to educate and raise awareness of health-enhancing decisions and behaviors in individual students and the campus community as a whole. This the data-driven best-practice approach allows us to create campaigns using University of Florida student data and feedback that is relevant to our specific student population.

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Health Hut

The GatorWell Health Hut is a peer-based outreach program committed to encouraging and empowering University of Florida students to achieve overall health, happiness and success. Staffed by our trained Wellness Educators, we work to help UF students’ development of skills related to their Dimensions of Wellness to provide balance and support optimal wellness and ultimately student success.

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Residential Outreach

GatorWell Residential Outreach, in collaboration with University of Florida Housing and Residence Education, is a partnership designed to educate students on health and wellness services and resources to enhance their own personal health and well being. Students will learn about health and wellness related campus resources, learn to develop healthy lifestyle practices, and engage in activities that encourage balance and personal growth. Jennings and Springs are both Residential Living and Learning Communities. The primary purposes of these communities are to give students an opportunity to expand the learning experience by building health and wellness into their living community and set the foundation for a healthy way of life.

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Green Dot Gators

The Green Dot strategy is a best practice, comprehensive approach to violence prevention. It targets all campus community members as potential allies and bystanders by engaging them in prevention through awareness, education and skills practice. Green Dot empowers a community to establish intolerance of violence as the norm.

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UF: A JED Campus

The University of Florida has joined JED Campus, a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to guide schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention efforts.

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Medical Amnesty Policy

The University of Florida is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for all students. A medical amnesty policy benefits our campus by encouraging students to make responsible decisions in seeking medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug abuse and in any situation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. If a student is so intoxicated or drugged that s/he is unable to be awakened, letting that person “sleep it off” is not a reasonable alternative to getting him/her the necessary medical help. This policy seeks to diminish fear of disciplinary and conduct sanctions in such situations and to encourage individuals and organizations to seek needed medical attention for students in distress from alcohol and drug use.

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