UF: A JED Campus

JED CampusThe University of Florida has joined JED Campus, a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to guide schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention efforts.

By becoming a JED Campus, UF has embarked on a multi-year strategic collaboration that not only assesses and enhances the work that is already being done but helps create positive, lasting, systemic change in our campus community.

Frequently Asked Questions

JED is a national nonprofit that exists to protect the emotional health of our country’s 40 million high school and college students and reduce the risks of substance abuse and suicide. We collaborate with schools to enhance their mental health and suicide prevention programming and systems; develop expert resources and create powerful partnerships so that students have the support they need, when and how they need it; and educate and empower young adults, families and the community to take action for the cause. Together, we’re ensuring America’s students grow into thriving adults.

Learn more at www.jedfoundation.org.

During the scope of the strategic process UF and JED will work to:

  • Develop the UF Mental Health Taskforce, an interdisciplinary, campus-wide team that includes senior leadership to assess, support and implement improvements with assistance from the JED Campus team.
  • Complete an in-depth, confidential assessment evaluating UF’s current mental health promotion, substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts.
  • Complete the Healthy Minds Study twice during the strategic process. Developed at the University of Michigan, the Healthy Minds Study assess students’ mental health, health service utilization and determinants.
  • Meet with the JED Campus team to develop a strategic plan that will serve as a roadmap to implement enhancements over the course of the JED Campus program as well as review progress and set future goals for growth and sustainability.
The strategic model guiding the assessment is a consolidation of factors known to help in promoting emotional well-being, preventing suicide, and limiting substance use. The model, developed by The Jed Foundation and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, focuses on seven strategic imperatives within the following domains:

  • Developing life skills
  • Promoting connectedness
  • Identifying students at risk
  • Increasing help-seeking behavior
  • Providing mental health, substance and crisis services
  • Following crisis management procedures
  • Restricting access to potentially lethal means
Developed at the University of Michigan, the Healthy Minds Study seeks to better understand student mental health and related issues (e.g., sleep habits, use of alcohol and other drugs, eating and body image, etc.) and sources of support.

Get involved with JED Campus

  • Please fill out the form below or email gatorwell@ufsa.ufl.edu if you would like to get involved.