As we continue to work on our wellness, there are two strategies that have the potential to produce a wide variety of benefits: practicing gratitude and practicing mindfulness. Let’s explore more about these strategies and how we can implement them in our lives.

Explore the Moment:

Wellness, Mindfulness, and Gratitude – see the connection

  • Mindfulness and gratitude have the potential to positively impact our overall wellness. When we implement mindfulness and gratitude in our lives, these dimensions of wellness could improve:
    • Emotional Wellness
    • Social Wellness
    • Physical Wellness
    • Intellectual Wellness
    • Spiritual Wellness
    • And more!
  • There are numerous intersections between mindfulness and gratitude as you can see below with potential benefits of these strategies. Overall, we want to aim to see the connection between these strategies and our overall wellness remembering that these strategies do not have to take a lot of time or energy to implement.
  • Fun fact: practicing mindfulness can help you be more grateful too!

Appreciate the Moment:

Be Grateful - How can YOU benefit?

  • There are numerous potential benefits to practicing Gratitude.
    • Some potential benefits:
      • More positive outlook/attitude
      • Being happier/more content
      • Decrease depression/anxiety
      • Better sleep
      • Increase self-esteem
      • Reduce aggression
      • Enhance empathy
      • Better recognition of all the good/positive/helpful/beautiful things you have in life
    • Practicing gratitude can be easy, it will just take some time and maybe a little practice. There are different ways you can practice gratitude.
      • think of things you are grateful for
      • write down/keep a journal of things you are grateful for
      • send a thank you note/letter to someone
      • Mentally thank someone
    • Overall, you want gratitude to be genuine and likely, if you express gratitude you will benefit, and the other person will too!


Take a Moment:

Be Mindful – How can YOU benefit?

  • There are numerous potential benefits to practicing mindfulness. Some people experience a greater sense of calm, more focus, and better sleep when they practice mindfulness.
    • Some potential benefits
      • Better sleep
      • Increased focus
      • Decreased stress
      • Enhance empathy
      • Better relationships
      • More positive outlook
    • One trick is to have a variety of mindfulness practices that you can try to support your overall wellness.
    • Mindfulness practices can include (but are not limited to):
      • Meditation
      • Belly Breathing
      • Deep Breathing
      • Dynamic Breathing
      • Body Scan
      • Walking Meditation
      • Eating meditation
      • Guided Visualization/Imagery
      • Chair Yoga
      • Loving Kindness
      • Labeling Thoughts
      • Labeling Feelings