What is Health Advocacy at UF? Creating change by: (1) advocating for health behaviors, programs, and policies that positively impact the UF campus community and (2) empowering others to do the same. How can you incorporate health advocacy into your life?

1. Raise Awareness: Educate yourself and others about health issues that you are passionate about.

  • Have a specific cause you are passionate about? Be informed… do your research… and then share the information with others!
  • Start the dialogue! Talk to your friends and family about the issue, share your views, listen to and respect their opinions, and learn from each other.

2. Lead by Example: Model healthy decisions and behaviors for people around you.

  • Be a leader by modeling healthy behaviors for others and speaking-up for what you believe in.
  • Invite others to join you in health promoting activities.

3. Get Involved: Volunteer or work in campus or community organizations that support a health related cause that you are passionate about.

  • Find student groups or clubs on campus to get involved in this semester.
  • Collaborate with or work for one of the departments on campus with a wellness focused mission.
  • Research organizations in the community that you can work with or support.

4. Support Policy: Support health related policies that you believe in and be a voice for policy change.

  • Be informed about health policies that affect you and your community.
  • Support policies that you believe in by voting or contacting your representative in student government, local government, or national government.

Promote Health Advocacy at UF with the Help of these Campus Resources:

Community Tools to Help Promote Health Advocacy:

Stay tuned! … Every 2 weeks throughout the spring semester we will be focusing on a different health topic and providing strategies for advocacy. Topics include: Relationships, Spring Break Safety, Sleep, Sexual Assault Prevention, Alcohol, Sexual Health, and Stress Management.