During this “current normal”, many of our habits may have started to change. If you have noticed or may be wondering about your current alcohol or cannabis use, use the following programs to check your use:


This system takes information you provide to give personalized, in-depth feedback of your current alcohol or cannabis use. You can use your responses to meet with a GatorWell staff member to discuss your use and ways you can reduce or stop using. Note: Please keep your 12 digit Student User ID that is given at the beginning of your eCHECKUP session.

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)

This 10 item screening tool developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) helps assess alcohol consumption, drinking behaviors, and alcohol-related problems.

Cannabis Use Disorders Identification Test, Revised (CUDIT-R)

‘This 8 item screening tool helps assess cannabis consumption, usage behaviors, and cannabis-related problems. CUDIT-R author credit: Adamson SJ; Kay-Lambkin FJ; Baker AL; Lewin TJ; Thornton L; Kelly BJ; Sellman JD