GatorWell prides itself on being a credible health resource for student and non-student journalists. If you are a journalism student who wishes to speak to a GatorWell staff member, use the request button below to fill out the interview request form. Once submitted, your request will be assigned to a professional staff member. They will contact you with additional information. We recommend that interviews be scheduled at least two or more days before the story is due. If you are a non-student journalist, please call the GatorWell main office at (352) 273-4450 to make arrangements to speak with a professional staff member.

Our topic areas include Alcohol and Other Drugs, General Wellness, Interpersonal Violence (including sexual assault), Sexual Health, Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Time Management. Other topics are addressed and assigned on a case-by-case basis.

Tips for Student Journalists:

  • Use the request button below to fill out a form explaining what the story is about, the topic of the article, and link(s) to any pertinent information. This information is essential to connect you with the appropriate health educator.
  • When filling out the interview request form, include the interview questions you intend to ask so that the health educator is prepared with the most pertinent information.
  • Please call in advance if you need to cancel the appointment.
  • Due to limited health educator availability, we are not able to schedule interview requests for class assignments.
  • Due to limited health educator availability, we may not be able to schedule the interview for the same day.
  • Due to limited health educator availability, missed appointments can only be rescheduled once.