At the University of Florida, the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff are important. All members of the University of Florida community want to exist, learn and achieve in a safe campus environment.

Campus Safety

As a member of our community, there are many ways to contribute to campus safety.

Protect Others

If you witness something wrong happening on campus, around campus or at a school event you can either take DIRECT or INDIRECT steps to intervene.

  • Direct: you take personal responsibility as the primary helper. First, remember to always assess the situation for your personal safety before taking any action. And second, take care not to escalate the situation. If you are comfortable stepping in to stop the injustice in an effort to end it, do so with care and respect. 
  • Indirect: you request that someone else take responsibility as the primary helper. If you think the matter requires an immediate professional response, contact local authorities to make it right. And always report suspicious activity.

Protect Yourself

There are also many strategies campus community members can take to keep themselves safe while on and around campus.

  • The University of Florida Police Department has outlined comprehensive general safety tips to keep in mind.
  • Don’t want to walk home in the dark? You have options: