STRIVE (Sexual trauma/interpersonal violence education)

What is STRIVE?

STRIVE is a peer education group comprised of a diverse group of UF graduate and undergraduate students overseen by GatorWell Health Promotion Services. Through STRIVE, peer educators are involved in outreach, education, and advocacy initiatives related to the prevention of interpersonal violence. As part of a broader, comprehensive approach to interpersonal violence prevention, STRIVE works to do the following:

  • Increase recognition that sexual violence is a learned behavior.
  • Teach bystander intervention techniques.
  • Address the role of consent in sexual relationships.
  • Involve students of all gender identities as active leaders and role models in interpersonal violence prevention.
  • Address alcohol and other drug issues as they play a role in interpersonal violence.
  • Provide concepts that encourage healthy and consensual sexual relationships.
  • Dispel traditional beliefs associated with sexual violence.

STRIVE's Vision

We envision a living and learning environment free from interpersonal violence, one in which the campus culture encourages respect, communication, and equity.

STRIVE's Mission

STRIVE educates, inspires and empowers UF students to actively participate in creating a campus community that is free from interpersonal violence. STRIVE seeks to promote individual and community accountability, and to challenge beliefs and behaviors that encourage rape, sexual assault, relationship violence/abuse, harassment, and other forms of violence.

STRIVE peer educators are available to facilitate open, non-judgmental forums and presentations to explore questions such as “Why does this happen?” and “What can we do?” To request a presentation, fill out the form linked on our Presentation Menu page, call 352-273-4450, or email

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STRIVE 2013-2016 Strategic Plan

The STRIVE 2013-2016 Strategic Plan can be downloaded here: STRIVE_2013-2016_StrategicPlan.pdf

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