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Health Hut

The GatorWell Health Hut is a wellness program developed to promote and support a health-conscious campus.  

Health Hut

The Health Hut is a peer-based, UF student staffed outreach program is committed to encouraging and empowering University of Florida students to integrate one’s mind, body, feelings, relationships, community, self-image, meaning and purpose to achieve overall health, happiness and success.

This is created by:

  • Providing students with thought provoking information about relevant health and wellness topics through bi-weekly rotating health messages and accompanying activities.  This includes distribution of related promotional items and message materials.
  • Acting as a student referral source for services provided by health & wellness related professionals and departments at the University of Florida.
  • Facilitating visibility at multiple, highly trafficked areas on campus (check out the calendar!), including disseminating message materials to the GatorWell Residential Outreach locations (at Jennings Hall & the Springs Complex) and via media outreach.
  • Collaborating with & participating in a variety of campus events, exhibits & health fairs. 

For more information please contact the Health Hut Program Coordinator, Samantha Evans.


Where is the Hut?

The Health Hut travels all over campus! Our Wellness Educators bring wonderful messages of health and wellness to you! Click the calendar button above to find where the Health Hut will travel next!

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    The Health Hut

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