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There are many strategies and resources to make eating well and being active easier at UF.  With some exploration and planning, you can find the right mix to keep feeling your best. 

Eat breakfast...whenever that may be

Eating breakfast when you wake up will help you stay alert in class. Skipping breakfast or other meals can also undermine efforts to maintain a healthy weight by reducing metabolism and leading to over-eating later in the day. When it comes to breakfast, eating anything is better than eating nothing. For more sustained energy, aim for foods with some protein, fat, and fiber. If you are running out the door - try quick and portable options like a granola bar and yogurt, fruit and string cheese, crackers and peanut butter, or a smoothie.

Have it your way...by making your own meals

When you prepare your own meals, you can choose what goes in - some healthy oils, a bit more spice, some extra veggies, the portion that is right for you. Cooking does not have to be hard or expensive to produce some very tasty results. New to cooking? Stop by GatorWell to get a free copy of "The Hungry Gator Cookbook" for quick and easy meal ideas.

Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are satisfied.

When choosing to eat, think about why you want to eat.  Are you really hungry?  Or, are you bored, stressed, or trying to procrastinate. If you are really hungry, think about what will be most satisfying when choosing foods.  If you think you may be eating for reasons other than hunger, think about other activities that would help like calling a friend or taking a walk.

Stay active by making it easy and fun.

Build convenient opportunities for activity into your day by walking or biking to get around campus, using the stairs, or taking a few short activity breaks throughout the day.  Pair up with a friend or join an intramural team to make exercise a social part of your day. Take advantage of the the range of opportunities offered by Rec Sports and around campus to find activities that you enjoy - check out group fitness classes, do stadiums at the football field, play at Lake Wauburg, check out the Healthy Gators walking routes and trails at Lake Alice.

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