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Prioritize Academics

Recent UF freshmen were asked to give advice to incoming freshmen about how to succeed at UF.  Their key message was “It Ain’t High School!”  There is a big jump in difficulty and amount of homework between college and high school, so consider some of the following tips to get off to a great start at UF.

General Tips

  • There are no “easy-A” courses. Don’t underestimate the workload and intensity of tests and classes.  
  • Don’t mess up your first semester. You WILL need to study.
  • Study hard, play hard and maintain a balance. Do your schoolwork during the day as much as you can.
  • Put academics before your social life. There’s plenty of time to have fun when you’re done studying.

Go to Class

  • Go to class and study the material afterwards.
  • Sit in the front of auditorium classes. It really does help.
  • There will always be another party. Don’t go out if you have an early class the next day.
  • Make one friend in every class.

Keep Track of Deadlines

  • Don’t procrastinate. Doing things as soon as possible will make things so much easier.
  • Make a study plan. It helps you stay aware of your workload, even if you don’t follow it perfectly.
  • Stay on top of readings, assignments, and exams. Use Google calendar, or a scheduling app, or planner.  

Study Well:  Start Early. Don’t Cram.

  • Your first exams will be harder than you think!
  • Find a few places on campus and off campus where you can study well and are free of distractions.
  • Study at least a week before exams. 
  • Don’t be afraid to get a tutor.
  • Do the practice test questions, especially for your math and science classes. 

Get to Know Your Professors and Advisors

  • Professors are nicer than you may think.  Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. 
  • Check your syllabus for your professor’s office hours.  This is the appropriate time to go and see them for help.
  • Go to your academic advisor when you have a question. Don’t rely on information from your friends – it could be wrong and then you’re screwed.
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