Sexual Health Student Survey 2009

To guide prevention and treatment efforts, health professionals require data that accurately describe the sexual health behaviors and sexual health status of the student body. GatorWell developed the Sexual Health Student Survey to gather relevant health data from University of Florida Students.
Overview of Topics: 1) sexual behaviors, 2) contraception, 3) condom use, 4) sexually transmitted infection testing and Human Papillomavirus vaccination, 5) pornography consumption, 6) knowledge, 7) self-efficacy, 8) sources of information, and 9) campus resources
Administered: Spring 2009
Participants:Randomly selected undergraduate and graduate students were invited to participate. A total of 991 full-time students between 18 and 24 years old completed the survey (33% response rate). 
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Topics included:

Sexual Behavior

Sexual Participation

Number of Sexual Partners

Types of Partners

Sexual Orientation

Monogamous Sexual Relationship

Reasons for Abstinence

Contraception and Pregnancy

Contraception Methods

Emergency Contraception


Condom Use

Condom Use

Barriers to Condom Use

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Testing and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination

STI Testing

HIV Testing

Barriers to STI Testing

HPV Vaccination

Pornography Consumption

Viewing of magazine, film/video, and internet pornographic materials


Risk Behavior

Prevention of STI and Pregnancy

Myths about Sexual Health


Confidence of Condom Use

Impairment and Condom Use

STI Testing Confidence

Birth Control Confidence

Sources of Information


Print Publications


Source Frequency

Believability of Source

Sexual Health Services

Knowledge of Campus and/or Community Sexual Health Services

Awareness of Campus Sexual Health Services

Participant Demographics

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