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Collaborate with GatorWell

Thinking of planning an event related to improving the health of UF students? GatorWell is excited to collaborate with student organizations and other UF affiliates to bring credible health education to UF students! Our health educators are well trained in program development and event planning related to college health and in support of academic success. By collaborating with GatorWell , you will boost the credibility of your event with the expertise, skills and health-related activities our health educators will provide. 

Choose from one of the following health topics to contact the appropriate health educator for collaboration:

  December 15, 2016
  All Over Campus

Add to Calendar 15-12-2016 15:28:00 31-08-2017 13:29:00 15 Collaborate with GW GatorWell wants to collaborate with student orgs and other UF affiliates to bring credible college health information to UF students! All Over Campus

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    The Health Hut

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