When it comes to drinking alcohol...Less is More! 

When it comes to drinking alcohol...less is more!


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If you choose to drink…

There are several protective strategies to help you have a safer experience as well as limit potential embarrassing and regrettable behaviors.

1. Always eat before you drink

  • Foods high in protein are particularly good choices. Snacking (on non-salty foods) while drinking is also a good tip to try.
2.     Preset your limit
  • Before you go out, choose a preset limit on how much you will drink, and stick to it!
3.     Pace your drinking
  • Keep track of the number of drinks you are consuming. One or fewer drinks per hour is a good guide. Try to drink water between drinks, too.
4.     Make a plan to get home
  1. Plan how you are getting home before you go out. Here are some great options: A sober Designated Driver; a taxi; Later Gator (http://go-rts.com/images/schedules/fall-spring/latergator.pdf) for free with your UFID (and only $1 without!); Gotcha Ride-UF, which will pick you up for free (866-9-GETGOT, or 866-943-8468!).
6.     Avoid drinking games
  • They make it hard to stick to your preset limit and ruin the pace of drinking you are trying to stick to.
7.     Always use the buddy system
  • Always use the buddy system when you go out. Talk ahead of time about how you will check in with each other and how you are getting home (see #4). Always go home with the same people you arrived with.
8.     A number to live by
  • A Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at or above .08 means that individual is legally incapacitated. That means they are unable to drive, and they cannot consent to sexual activity.
9.     Call 911 for help
  • Call for help IMMEDIATELY if your friend is unconscious, cold, clammy, pale, vomiting while passed out, has bluish skin, or slow and/or irregular breathing!!!  Check out UF’s Medical Amnesty Policy.

10. Party on safely!

  • If you are hosting or attending a party, check out these tips on having a safe and fun time:

Party Safety

Tailgating Tips

Remember - you don’t have to drink to have fun! Be you, and enjoy your evening without alcohol.

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