Time Management

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The habits you establish in college can last a lifetime. This includes learning how to balance activities and responsibilities through effective time management. Now is a great time to develop these skills by: (1) figuring out what strategies help you cope and perform your best, (2) learning how to tweak your routines, and (3) letting go of some of the behaviors that are not working well for you.

Did you know?
  • 79% of UF students reported that effectively managing their time was "very important" to their academic success.
  • 93.8% of UF students reported at some point feeling overwhelmed by all they had to do.
  • 53.5% of UF students are somewhat satisfied, and 13% are very satisfied with how they manage their time.

GatorWell's Time Management Program Offers UF Students:

  • Education and resources to empower you to make healthy decisions about time management. 
  • Individual Wellness Coaching, Time Management, Stress Management, and Sleep Management Appointments. 

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