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Stress in College

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. When your brain perceives a stressor, your body releases a burst of hormones to fuel your fight-or-flight response. When the stress is gone, your body returns to normal. Unfortunately, the nonstop stress of life as a UF student means that your alarm system rarely shuts off. This can lead to negative physical, psychological, social, and academic impacts over time. That's why stress management is so important!

While not all students feel that stress affects their academic performance negatively, stress-related behaviors and conditions, such as sleep difficulties, anxiety, and cold/flu/sore throat, are cited by UF students as factors that impede academic performance.

Top Academic Impediments Reported by UF Students:
  • Stress (25.5%)
  • Cold/flu/sore throat (23.1%)
  • Anxiety (19.2%)
  • Sleep difficulties (16.3%)

GatorWell's Stress Management Program Offers UF Students:

  • Education and resources to empower UF students to make healthy decisions about managing their stress.
  • Individual Wellness Coaching, Stress Management, Time Management and Sleep Management Appointments
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