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Check out these other resources to learn more about how sleep affects your health, your mood, and your grades, and find more tips and tools to improve your sleep:

Campus Resources:

  • GatorWell's Wellness Coaching: GatorWell's free wellness coaching program helps UF students create individualized sleep improvement plans to meet their needs.

Online Resources and Interactive Tools:

  • Get Enough Sleep: Basic information and ways you can take action to get better sleep from
  • National Sleep Foundation: Fact sheets on a variety of sleep topics, sleep diaries, and sleep research.
  • Seven Signs You Need Sleep: Sleep Education from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • Sleep and Memory: This webpage by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School provides information about the connection between sleep and your ability to learn.
  • Think Fast! Test Your Reaction Time: This interactive tool by Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School allows you test how alert you are by completing a 5-minute reaction time challenge.
  • Track Your Sleep: Use this sleep diary to help you track the quality and quantity of your sleep.
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