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It's so much more...

Sexual health and sexuality include so much more than just sexual behavior. Sexual health refers to taking care of one’s body and needs as it pertains to not only sexual functioning and practices, but also reproduction, contraception, sexual pleasure, intimate relationships, decision-making, sexual orientation and sensuality.

Being Sexually Healthy Means…

Feeling good about yourself, exploring what sex and sexuality mean to you and engaging in sexual activities when you are ready, with whom you choose, in a positive, respectful and consensual manner.

GatorWell’s Sexual Health Program offers UF students:

  • Contraceptive and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) counseling
  • Free confidential HIV testing
  • Free condoms, lubricant, and dental dams
  • Education and resources on other sexual health topics to empowers UF students to make informed decisions that are consistent with their personal beliefs and values.
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