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The GatorWell Health Hut is a wellness program developed to promote a health-conscious campus. This program is committed to encouraging and empowering University of Florida students to integrate one’s self- image, mind, feelings, body, community, relationships, meaning and purpose to achieve overall health, happiness, and success.

This is created by:

  • Providing students with thought provoking information about health and wellness topics through bi-weekly health messages and hut activities which also include distributing promotional items and creative buttons.
  • Acting as a student referral source for services provided by health & wellness related professionals at the University of Florida
  • Facilitating visibility by traveling to a variety of campus locations, displaying an A-frame with messages, disseminating message materials and products to the GatorWell Residential Outreach locations (at Jennings and  the Springs) and media outreach.
  • Participating in on campus exhibits and health fairs.

Wellness Educators

GatorWell hires engergic and dynamic students to promote health and wellness at the Health Hut. Wellness Educators take the initiative to approach students and encourage them to participate in our interactive wellness activities that are foused on our bi-weekly health topics.
Meet the current Health Hut students here.

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