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UF Student Health Surveys

Healthy Gators Student Survey: A comprehensive health survey of UF students addressing ten key areas: 1) impediments to academic performance, 2) general health, 3) medical problems, 4) mental health, sleep and stress, 5) sexual health and contraception, 6) alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, 7) nutrition, weight and exercise, 8) sexual assault and violence, 9) vehicle safety and sunlight/UV exposure, and 10) campus health services, resources and policies.
Administered by: Healthy Gators Coalition | Spring 2010, Spring 2008 

Core Alcohol and Drug Survey: GatorWell implements the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey, a national survey designed to measure alcohol and other drug usage, attitudes, and perceptions among college students at two and four-year institutions. The survey results examine topics such as alcohol and other drug use, negative consequences, effects of alcohol, behaviors, and impact of other students' drinking.
Administered by: GatorWell Health Promotion Services | Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2009,
Fall 2010, Fall 2011

Sexual Health Student Survey:To guide prevention and treatment efforts, health professionals require data that accurately describe the sexual health behaviors and sexual health status of the student body. The Sexual Health Student Survey gathered relevant health data from UF students in these key areas: 1) sexual behaviors, 2) contraception, 3) condom use, 4) sexually transmitted infection testing and Human Papillomavirus vaccination, 5) pornography consumption, 6) knowledge, 7) self-efficacy, 8) sources of information, and 9) campus resources
Administered by: GatorWell Health Promotion Services | Spring 2009

Stress, Time and Sleep Management Survey:GatorWell developed the Stress, Time and Sleep Management Student Survey to gather health information from University of Florida students to identify needs and prioritize campus programs and services. The survey results examine different aspects of these three topics including behaviors, barriers, management strategies, perceived importance, and relationship to academic performance.
Administered by: GatorWell Health Promotion Services | Fall 2009

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